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Sure of your skills?  Need a shorter class without lecture or video?

Ask about our 1.5-2 hr CPR/First Aid Challenge classes

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The World Is Changing ... And So Are We

Now students will receive digital CPR & First Aid cards --don't worry -- they are still good for licensing. But no more losing or copying your cards. Just save them in your email.

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Affordable, Stress-Free CPR & First Aid Training

At Your Location For Groups As Small As 2!

Childcare Providers...Healthcare Providers...Government Agencies...Businesses...Parent Clubs...Lifeguards...Family Members You Name It!

Know CPR has trained over 60,000 people since 2002.  We have training and courses for everyone.  We offer the most convenient and affordable CPR, First Aid and AED Training. All programs are nationally recognized, and taught by American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) certified instructors who are experienced teaching classes with mixed language skills and backgrounds.

Best of all, our trainers come to you mornings (even before work), daytime, evenings, and weekends.

  Atlanta:    (404)-592-2058
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   Boston:                       (617)-301-8390
  Houston:       (713)-866-6202
  New Hampshire:       (617)-301-8390
   Northern Virginia:    (703)-528-7045
   NYC:    (212)-629-1963
   Richmond:                 (804)-281-4339
  Washington, DC:      (703)-528-7045
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