Set Up a Remote Hands-On
CPR/AED & First Aid Class

  • Safe & convenient CPR & First Aid training...Wherever you are.
  • Live remote hands-on training via 2-way audio-video call (Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, etc).
  • We send manikins and AED trainers to you for just $10 + shipping.

Schedule an In-Person
CPR/AED & First Aid Class

  • Affordable, stress-free CPR & First Aid training at your location.
  • For groups as small as 1 person!

Become a Know CPR

  • Available only to current AHA, ARC, ASHI, NSC Instructors.
  • Nationally-recognized programs.
  • No signup or annual fees.
  • Lowest cost student certificates.
  • Digital & Paper exams.
  • All programs in English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, and Mandarin.
  • Free student books, classroom videos, and blended learning.
  • 5 Free Cards Just For Trying Us!

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