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At Home CPR Manikins TM


Spongey & Li'l Spongey

  • Fully-Functional,

  • Single-Use,

  • Affordable Manikins.

  • All for just $10 plus shipping!


Simple as 1-2-3:

1) We send you a manikin before the class. 

2) You complete the online course prior to class;

3) You then demonstrate your CPR skills on the manikins we sent you to a live instructor via a live 2-way audio/video session (like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, etc.). The remote skills session lasts about 45 minutes.

These remote courses include hands-on training and skills evaluation, as required by most licensing. Know CPR remote courses are NOT online-only training programs.

After successfully completing the online course and the live remote skills evaluation, you will receive a CPR & First Aid card valid for two years.

Remote Prices


Number of Class Participants






Pediatric CPR & First Aid

$57 pp

$67 pp

$77 pp

$165 pp

CPR Manikins (adult, child & infant) & AED trainer. One set per 3 students.

$10 plus shipping


About Know CPR:

Childcare Providers...Healthcare Providers...Government Agencies...Businesses...Parents...Clubs...Lifeguards...Family Members You Name It!

Know CPR has trained over 90,000 people since 2002.  We have training and courses for everyone.  We offer the most convenient and affordable CPR, First Aid, and AED Training. All programs follow the most up-to-date AHA Guidelines, and are taught by certified instructors who are experienced teaching classes with mixed language skills and backgrounds.



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